why can't we support each other?

Okayyy it’s been a while since I’ve blogged AKA ranted to you all! When something is weighing on me, blogging helps! Why not create some good out of some bad?

Last week one of my amazing brides ( no names here) was chatting with me and she mentioned she had another photographer, at a bridal show, tell her that she would reimburse her the deposit she paid ME, to book her. Excuse me, WHAT?!

Now I’m all for advertising and promoting your business, but why do we need to go to these lengths to do that?! I have busted my ass and spent A LOT (still spending a lot) this year on bettering every aspect of my business. Maybe I’m taking it too personal, but what kind of business owner does this?

We need to be supporting our fellow girl bosses, You’ve found a photographer already and it’s not me? That is AWESOME and I am so happy for you. Finding the perfect photographer to fit your personalities, needs, and budgets is sooo important when you’re planning your wedding. If anytime a bride comes to me and either decides I’m not the one, doesn’t like my style, or isn’t in the budget, I can give you a dang list of other amazing ladies that will match you perfectly! That is part of all our jobs.

It is HARD being a business owner. There is too much to think about and things to be done than to worry about other girls being shady towards us! Girls, we are all in this together! So be nice!


2019: Same or New You?

2018 FLEW by and now 2019 is here already. I see the “New year, new me” so much on social media I could vomit. I’m all for improving, but how many of us actually follow through on our “resolutions”? NOT me :)

As soon as the new year hits, we get the urge to stop drinking pop, workout every day, start saving money, and to lose weight and eat healthier. Why don’t we make more detailed goals instead of these broad (sometimes impossible) “resolutions”?!

This year I’ve decided on sitting down and actually writing my goals and wants for this year out, because they’ll come true if you write them down right?! ;) Here’s to hoping!

  1. Blog more.

    Self explanatory, but It is a goal of mine to blog about every wedding I photograph, for everyone to see how truly awesome each one of my couple’s days are. Ans sometimes I like to vent and blogging always helps!

  2. Invest in anything that makes me feel more self-confident

    Getting my hair colored (blondes have more fun btw), getting my nails done, getting a tan every now and then. If something makes you feel better about yourself, why not do it?! TREAT YOSELF!

  3. Stop spending money on dumb shit

    Do you really need that red lipstick that Is half a shade different than the 563 others you have at home and wear 3x a year Michelle? No, you don’t. You also don’t need that sweater that you will wear 1 time this year.

  4. Invest in my education and business

    This is one I am most excited about. My business grows every year, and I am a firm believer that you can never stop learning, there is always more out there to learn. I am going to do a few workshops in this off season and invest in more equipment this coming year for my beautiful clients.

  5. Be present

    I am BIG on this in weddings. I want people to always be present during the wedding ceremony, because the couple wants you there for a reason, and I don’t want you to ruin my beautiful shots with your cell phone cameras ;) But I want to practice what I preach a little and be more present with friends and family without my head being stuck in my phone.

  6. Live a healthier life

    I don’t need to eat Taco Bell twice a week or get a Casey’s fountain Dr. Pepper every afternoon (even though I may not make it without it). Instead of saying, “I’m gonna go to the gym EVERY day and eat healthy EVERY day!” I’m going to do it on my terms. Going to the gym and working hard when I can and when time allows, at least twice a week, and making healthy meals with my fiancé. Okay and Taco Bell like, twice a month. :)

I challenge all of you to think about your past year, and really think about what you want to expect this coming year. Write it down and make a plan. GOALS DON’T WORK UNLESS YOU DO!

Much love-